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Prophet Yusuf Islamic Busy Book

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Let’s revise the story of Prophet Yusuf with our children during CMCO! There are many lessons for children (and parents πŸ™ˆ) to ponder:

1. About jealousy
2. The hardship Prophet Yusuf faced since childhood
3. Fear of committing sins
4. He knew his strength and made it beneficial to others
5. Forgive people
6. No grudge
Surah Yusuf is an important surah that was sent down to Prophet Muhammad SAW in Makkah. This surah was revealed after ‘the year of sorrow’. The year where Prophet Muhammad SAW was going through several hardships, plus Khadijah his wife and Abi Talib his uncle passed away in the same year. He was consoled by Allah through Surah Yusuf mashaAllah ♥️

Allah is near. Allah loves us. Allah loves our children. Explain this to our beloved children everyday

We provide fun book for your children to learn about Prophet Yusuf in fun way mommies πŸ˜„

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