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Multifunction 6 Sided Baby Cube

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Recommended for Age : 6+ Months
Material: High-quality ABS raw materials, BPA-free and safe for babies

It has a variety of game play and rich graphic colors.

1. Abacus turning over: Turning over to exercise hand flexibility can turn a variety of play methods such as book pages / butterfly, fun turning beads, etc., to guide your baby to turn over and exercise hand flexibility.

2. Digital Platter: Play the small Digital Platter 1-8, let your baby learn to arrange in order, use your brain to develop your brain.

3. Digital Clock House: Rotate the clock for minutes. Hand-eye coordination is smarter. Press the numbers and pull the hands to exercise your fingers’ flexibility.

4. Spinning bead gear: Play the future “Mechanic” through simple rotation gear linkage game, provoke the baby to think deeply, improve imagination and thinking ability.

5. Building block pairing: Two-sided play shape matching / beaded masters with different hole-shaped designs, cultivating baby shape recognition and training hand-eye coordination in building block matching.

6. Car Maze: The puzzle maze expands the thinking. The sliding car chases in the maze to help the baby expand his thinking

7. Bead Trace

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