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Marble Run Race Track Building Tower

RM 39.00
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Building toy is intimate partner of children's game and the important teaching aid for children's education. It is conductive to the overall development of children's body and mind. Playing is effective for children. If a child lacks experience in playing building blocks, it will be great pity. 

Can exercise children hand brain combination, spatial movement imagination ability. Baby can recognize various colors of building blocks in the process of building, and master the structural space feeling of building blocks. Improves their creative thinking ability!!!

  • Brand new and high quality.
  • Multi colorful blocks can attract children's attention, enhance their enjoyment,and stimulate their interest.
  • Children can set the blocks according their imagination, to set the building they like.
  • Children can run the marbles after they build the block, they will get pleasure from the fulfilment.

Beware with the marble if played with children below 3 years old!

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