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12 Pieces Bear Wooden Balancing Games

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Bear Wooden Balancing Games

One set consist of 12 pieces bear with 4 different design.

Each bear size 5.5cm x 4.5cm x 1.5cm

  1. Learning balance helps children develop better concentration needed for sitting and paying attention in class.
  2. Balancing uses mechanical principles and helps kids understand concepts such as gravity, equilibrium, counterbalance, and other sports skills.
  3. It promotes questioning and problem-solving skills to sort out questions like, “Why is this happening?”
  4. Stimulate children's creativity: a set contains 4 different shapes of building blocks, a total of 12 bears, children can challenge a variety of fun ways to play according to the instructions, it allows children to play quietly, allowing mothers to have time to rest 
  5. Multi-directional exercise ability: Due to the characteristics of building blocks that need to be balanced, patience and intelligence are needed to build, collapse is a common phenomenon, allowing children to grow from failure and break through themselves in adversity
  6. Enhancing the interaction between parents and children: Parents can play building blocks with their children, which can not only play interesting games, but also improve the relationship between parents and children. Parents don’t have to worry about their children addicted to electronic devices
  7. The perfect gift: colorful building block toys are suitable for birthday gifts, children's day gifts, party gifts, candy bags, gifts exchanged overnight, Christmas souvenirs or rewards

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