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Hi mommy and daddy,

We are a normal mother father like all of you and we love our daughter so much, just like you too 😘

We try to occupied our daughter with the right toys, good books so that she could learn something, even just a little bit because we really believe that kids learn the most during playing.

When we found any exciting books, educational toys, we hope that we could share with all of mother-father out there. We notice that certain mother and father still lacking and didn't realize how important it is for a child to keep playing and to start reading at an early stage.

Hence, we got an idea to share it through BabyMommyStore. We share educational toys and books that were "approved" by our own daughter, and who knows maybe your kids are similar with our princess ❤

We are based in Setia Alam, Selangor. Ayah is a full time hard working Dadidoo while Ibu is a full time house wife and Melur is our all the time favorite little princess 👩👦👶. 

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