All item / product sold are not returnable nor exchangeable. For online orders, please note we always check the item / product condition before packing and wrap with bubble wrap to provide reasonably expected good cushioning.

Unfortunately, we have no control over the way courier companies handle the parcels. Inevitably, a tiny percentage of our parcels will experience some form of tear or dent due to the delivery process by courier companies which is beyond our control. We seek your kind understanding on this matter, should your parcel be one of the "unlucky" ones.

All product is 7 days warranty. If you insist for refundable or one to one exchangeable, please send us photo and video of the defect before 7 days from the delivered date and return back the item/product to us. All the return delivery cost shall be borne by customer.

Please contact us at 018 776 5258 if you have any questions or doubts

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